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recent changes on FA required me to respond quickly, and so I wrote a tiny update for the FA Download addon for Firefox:

https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/.....n-1.2.1-fx.xpi [UPDATED]

Thanks to kavc and Artex who pointed me in the right direction!

Kind regards,

Martin RJ

PS: it will take some time (usually up to two weeks or more) until the new version of the addon gets approved by the Mozilla developers, but you can go ahead and use version 1.2.0 already, just install it from the above address.

ETA: FA decided to change the image-urls yet again, I've updated the link to the new addon-version.
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  ransom Ransom
  Posted: a week ago
Thank you for the watch, Martin RJ!

  eyeswings EyesWings
  Posted: 9 days ago
Thank you very much for the watch, really appreciate it ^^ ❤

  hatchi Hatchi
  Posted: a month ago
Danke für den Watch

  colonelklink Colonel__Klink
  Posted: 7 months ago
Hey there, just rollin on by to say that I'm glad to have you as one of my latest fans. Stay tuned, I have a lot of comics planned for the future :).

  wolfybandit WolfyBandit
  Posted: 7 months ago
Thank you for the watch!

  sanginar Sanginar
  Posted: 8 months ago
Ich bin Dir sehr dankbar für wach&fav,much appreciate

  bubba-bear Bubba-Bear
  Posted: 8 months ago
Dank an dich fürs beobachten!ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  blackhowler12 blackhowler12
  Posted: 9 months ago

  amaranth.shadey Amaranth.Shadey
  Posted: 9 months ago
Danke fürs watchen ;3

  fruitbuffalo FruitBuffalo
  Posted: 9 months ago
Thanks for the faves and watch! It's very much appreciated.

  equalicus Equalicus
  Posted: 9 months ago
Danke für's Watchen !

  miles-tigerfox miles-tigerfox
  Posted: 10 months ago
thank you for the watch :)