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it has been brought to my attention, that the FA Download addon has stopped working with the recent "Beta Update" on FA (3/10/2017).

The update is available now! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fi.....ownload-addon/

This is just a quick fix. I still didn't finish the promised "complete re-write" of the addon.
a month ago    

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  decadencewolf decadencewolf
  Posted: 5 days ago
yey thanks for the watch

  anklechain AnkleChain
  Posted: 19 days ago
thanks for the watch mr Lion <3

  skayo Skayo
  Posted: a month ago
Vielen Dank fürs watchen :3

  fruitbuffalo FruitBuffalo
  Posted: a month ago
Thanks for the fave. c:

  raaz Raaz
  Posted: a month ago
Thank you for the watch!)

  dennywhitefur Denny_Whitefur
  Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave.

  sentaku Sentaku
  Posted: 2 months ago
Danke für den Watch x3

  leogarg leogarg
  Posted: 3 months ago
War kein tip, nur selbstbeweihräucherung XD und wie gesagt, klappt lange schon nimmer. das original is tohl bald mal 10 jahre alt XD

  leogarg leogarg
  Posted: 3 months ago
moment FA ging ja auf dieses blöde captcha-login, das teil funktioniert garantiert nimmer ;)

  leogarg leogarg
  Posted: 3 months ago
Btw, einen FA-loader hab ich auch mal gemacht ;)
ich glaub das teil funzt nicht mehr, mir wars mal zu blöd das zu updaten
danke für watch :D

  nanukkluik Nanukkluik
  Posted: 3 months ago
Its a lion! AND THIS OTTER IS GRATEFUL to the lion for the most awesome of all watchingnessness. THANKIES!

  bgb BGB
  Posted: 4 months ago
Thank you for the watch!