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I am just a fox who lives in Denver. I am open to talking to anyone. Drop me a hello ;)

My Husband is: lagarto  lagarto

My Best Friends are: jesie  jesie cranphin  cranphin blitzkriegfox  blitzkriegfox
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I wrote a new comic, it is in the artists hands. It needs a small bit of work but I think it's going to be amazing. It's a spiritual sequel to one of my personal favorite ones.
3 years ago    

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  shaxfox shaxfox
  Posted: 2 years ago
Hyper! Hope to see you again someday! (last I saw you was MCFC 2014) Thanks for the watch! :)

  leelee LeeLee
  Posted: 2 years ago
I'm good. I'm well holy shit a lots happened XD Im trans now for one. Got engaged to my GF of a yr. Living in our own lil apt. I have a service dog.HOw you been? andTELLHERHI! oh and pft message me when you want!

  leelee LeeLee
  Posted: 2 years ago
omg i miss you and garto and jesie so bad and i want to do moar comics hnnnnnnnnnnggg

  zephyrskunk ZephyrSkunk
  Posted: 2 years ago
Had a great time chatting with you and your croc at RF!!

  jesie Jesie
  Posted: 2 years ago

  midori8 Midori8
  Posted: 3 years ago
was made by sixel  sixel !

  cranphin cranphin
  Posted: 3 years ago
Happy Squeee day if you didn't see my other message ^_^

  seamuswolf SeamusWolf
  Posted: 3 years ago
Thanks hopefully geting my wolf to the UK this summer

  iracundia Iracundia
  Posted: 3 years ago
Ehehe, Thanks in return and no worries! :D

  rufus5 Rufus5
  Posted: 3 years ago
The comics! :D

  raynardfoxglove raynard_foxglove
  Posted: 3 years ago
Helllooo Hyper.Thanks sooo much for the watch. I hope my future submissions will bring you an occasional laugh or smile.

  raynardfoxglove raynard_foxglove
  Posted: 3 years ago
Hi there Hyper *waves* many thanks for the fave, I really appreciate it. Please feel free to look through my gallery if you like fox-ish art-thingies. BTW. I really like your HX cartoon strips, very clever.