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If you'd like to draw my character in any way and for any reason. Go ahead! But please, do tell me and of course show me. =3

savethesharks  savethesharks

I'm one of the nlfurs  nlfurs and proud part of eurofurs  eurofurs and a 90s_furs  90s_furs

For conventional SFW and NSFW art: redmiles - For Taboo fetish art : redmiles-alternate

Commissions will come soon! Price-point and stuff need to be set up, still.

Redmiles The Shark
Character Information
General Details
Gender : Female
Aliases : Red
Age : 19
Species : Lemon Shark and Nervous Shark hybrid
Eye colour : Lime green/bright green
Hair colour : Purple
trivial fun fact : Hex codes of Redmiles's skin: Light skin: C8C8C8, dark skin (arms/legs): 696969 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

About This Page And My Art
: 90% of the time I'm drawing stuff that contains my character, Redmiles. =3
: Drawings will be both SFW and NSFW, some even more taboo than others.
: What you'll see here most of the time is some activity of me uploading images on Furaffinity and sometimes even journals. Nothing special at all.

Questions And answers
Q : What kind of stuff will you be uploading on here?
A : Most of the time, just Redmiles as a solo image. Can be both SFW and NSFW. Other times I'll be drawing Redmiles with another character. Changes are higher it'll be NSFW then. There will be some taboo stuff here and there...

Q : Will you be uploading other stuff than just artwork?
A : For now, yes. For in the future? Meh, I don't know. We'll see.

Q : You mentioned 'taboo' stuff. Could you be more specific.
A : Ugh... Yes, you'll see me drawing taboo stuff over time, though it'll be rare. The stuff I'm interested particularly interested in are: Scat, vore and (pseudo-)rape related things.

Q : So... You like scat.
A : Ugh... Damn it, are we still going on about this? Yes, I do like it. But only in RP and in images and stuff. Just everything that's not real life! I just like to draw anything. And such dirty things... Turn me on quite a lot. But so do excessive amounts of cum and breeding too!

Q And what about the vore and gore then?
A Well. I will draw that too. Although less likely. It really depends on my mood and what I'd like to make. It doesn't turn me on as much though. But hey, IMMA SHARK!

Q : The taboo images. Do they have custom thumbnails so I won't hurt MY EYES?!
A : No, they won't because you'll simply get to see the full image in your feed. Instead if you wish to see it. Go to my secondary page.

Q : I see you don't do commissions. But you still draw other characters of other people. Why?
A : Yes, I don't do commissions indeed. The thing is, these drawings I did for people were free and always will be. They're my friends and they support me, no matter what. (Thanks for that! )

Q : Will you do commissions in the future? And will they be free?
A : Maybe and maybe. I'm quite busy in my life, I'm not sure if I'm able to cope with that extra workload. If I will, chances are high that you'll have to pay.

Q : If you ever will do commissions, what kind of price-point did you have in mind?
A : I guess... Around 2-5 euro's for a full coloured, shaded

: I'm currently working on a comic! More information here: LINK
: The last few months I had quite a dilemma. I secretly liked scat, though not IRL. Yet I couldn't be honest and let people know. Till now. I just have to accept who I am. How else could I live with myself. I hope you agree~
: I'm still trying out different colour and shading styles. Also, Redmiles as is will change over time. I still am developing her.


Fetishes! (Some I like more than others.)
Main fetishes:
Secondary fetishes/taboo fetishes:
These fetishes will be expressed on my secondary page.
These may make some people disgusted. Well I got a great quote for ya!:
Steven Fry, The Guardian, 5 June 2005
“It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what." (Source: LINK)

And no. I don't like scat and watersports IRL. I only like it during RP, stories, comics or drawings. Respect me for who I am! And if you still don't take a look on this group: tolerant-furs  tolerant-furs

Awesome Supportive People!
These people always will stay behind me no matter what!

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Well. We all know I draw stuff... That's obvious. Now, I would like to give more of a heads up what I'm going to do the coming time:

Now do keep in mind! This list will change over time! So be sure to check it once in a while.

- bittdye  bittdye Will be featured in a drawing including him, his dick, a gloryhole and... Me. .-. -FINISHED-
- lyle--gelbfur  lyle--gelbfur - code-blocker  code-blocker - neltharion290  neltharion290 - nikasharkeh  nikasharkeh - redmiles  redmiles Will all be in one single image with their shark characters. (Feels weird to talk about myself in third person.) All of you guys deserve that! Though. I still need to think about a good scene/set up for the image. I think we can all work it out together. =3
- zombiecat  zombiecat will also receive lewds. He is a great artist. -FINISHED- !!!WARNING CONTAINS SCAT!!!
- A drawing for a great Basitin who always is there for me. (He doesn't have FA.) His character will be in a military outfit since that's what he likes a lot

- alexreddrake  alexreddrake - lunard5913  lunard5913 in lewd escapade~ -FINISHED-

Now yes. I know, I promised you all a comic. Now I don't know whether I will ever finish this. So just to be safe to you all. Expect it to never be finished and appear. If it does get cancelled I'll upload any sketches and whatsoever as scraps.

Paid commission for you!
Yes. I do paid commission. But now. I don't do it regularly. It's not like you can say to me. 'Hey! I pay you and you make it.' No. I need time dear. If you want to pay, go ahead. I'd really appreciate you to! Now you can pay me in different ways. Give me money, buy me a game or get a commission from someone else and include me in it! =3 All is fine.

There may comes a time I will do paid commissions on request. I just don't have the time to now. And I don't want to let people down. :c

I all wish you a good day~<3


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Second Life: RedmilesShark
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Youtube: ecopper1


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