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If you'd like to draw my character in any way and for any reason. Go ahead! But please, do tell me and of course show me. =3

savethesharks  savethesharks

I'm one of the nlfurs  nlfurs and proud part of eurofurs  eurofurs and a 90s_furs  90s_furs

For conventional SFW and NSFW art: redmiles - For Taboo fetish art : redmiles-alternate


Open/closed status: CLOSED

For more information about prices, payment methods and more. Read the following Journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7931409/

Character Information
Name : Redmiles The Shark
Gender : Female
Aliases : Red
Age : 19
Species : Lemon Shark and Nervous Shark hybrid
Eye colour : Lime green/bright green
Hair colour : Purple
trivial fun fact : Hex codes of Redmiles's skin: Light skin: C8C8C8, dark skin (arms/legs): 696969 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Fetishes! (Some I like more than others.)
Main fetishes:

Secondary fetishes/taboo fetishes:
These fetishes will be expressed on my secondary page.

Awesome Supportive People!
These people always will stay behind me no matter what!
bittdyeneltharion290rustehjurancode-blocker But many more peeps too! <3

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Commissions that will be done by me in the coming time. (No end date set. These commissions can be done at any moment.)

borghild  borghild will get something involving me and her and watersports. Wet~

melissaratchowski  melissaratchowski will get something from me. I have a pose in mind with her standing, naked and with just a long leather/black fabric coat on and hand guns. Like a superhero or bad guy from a movie/game. Maybe with shades too! - DONE: 21874437

And for myself:

1: A new profile image with a Christmas hat DONE - 21939973
2: A Witcher 3 themed draw: A fighting scene.
3: Something SFW with a balloon and stuff. DONE - 22044243


P.S. Remember, if you'd like to repay me. You can do it either with money or a commission gift. But it's not mandatory, though, received with love!
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Steam: Ask me first
Second Life: RedmilesShark
Website: [website link]
Youtube: ecopper1


  sergy Sergy
  Posted: 5 days ago
You do artworks very cool

  hipstertuxedocat HipsterTuxedoCat
  Posted: 5 days ago
AWOOOOO! A werewoofer was bleped you!

  melissaratchowski Melissa_Ratchowski
  Posted: a week ago
Ayy sorry if im late but happy bday

  nikasharkeh NikaSharkeh
  Posted: a week ago
Happy bday, shork!

  idlerawr IdleRawr
  Posted: a week ago
Many thanks for the watching, much appreciated!

  padunk Padunk
  Posted: 9 days ago
Thank you so much for watching me~<3

  degueulasse Degueulasse
  Posted: 11 days ago
AW Its okay, i'm myself a little bit busy right now aha

  rainredfox RainRedFox
  Posted: 2 weeks ago

  spikesdasnowfox spikesdasnowfox
  Posted: 16 days ago
Thanks a ton for the watch

  rainredfox RainRedFox
  Posted: 18 days ago
Lol because you're one hot kinky shark XDD it's okay.. relax XD

  valya Valya
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
You're Welcome! ^^

  rainredfox RainRedFox
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
Hi :3 nice to meet you... :)