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Full Name: John M Barrett
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Artist, video gamer, and comic book fan. Writer and artist of Gold Digger: Edge Guard, a seven issue comic book miniseries from Radio Comix, based on the characters of Gold Digger creator, Fred Perry. Artist on Unusual U #1-3, written by James Hanrahan, which came out in 2002. Also, contibuted homoerotic comics to Sin Factory's Genus Male #2-5, and released a full comic through FurPlanet.com in 2005 called Game Boys Summer Special. Creator of furry persona Roxikat, he's a fan of hit movies and soundtracks, 80's hits and conventions. Avid gamer. Presently working at Target and drawing a little bit every day.

My comics you can read on here!

Roxikat in Operation: Katnapped! A comic I did for the Condition Furry convention; Roxi is kidnapped and must escape the Feral Extremists. (Rated PG)

Game Boys #1:Cherry A relationship comic of two boys into video games that realize they're more than friends. (M/M NSFW)

Game Boys: Summer Special The boys get a house guest with a growing problem. (Full issue, M/M NSFW)

Game Boys #2:RPG They meet a new friend who happens to be straight. (M/M NSFW)

Game Boys #3:Icarus Monty's origin story where he finds love online. (M/M NSFW)

Also, I have an account just for my hossifer  hossifer character.
All future art gifts and fursuit photos of Hossie will go there.
Since I only wear the Hossifer suit now, folks interested in that should go peek over there! :)

Check my Scraps folder for commissions I've done on Livestream!

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Streaming sketch commissions from 1pm - 5pm EST (GMT-5) (I usually take off Saturdays)


Full Body
Sketch $20USD (+$15 USD per char.)
Line art $30USD (+$25 USD per char.)
Color $45USD (+$35 USD per char.)

Extra Costs
High Details (Armor, Logos, lots of text)

I'm inexperienced with drawing backgrounds. Could go from a little to a lot.

Tips are awesome and you are awesome!

I have a Random Picker wheel that I spin composed of whoever wants a sketch that’s present.
I spin it again when my first sketch is done. I usually just have time to do two sketches in the 4 hour stream. I might be able to color a single character in that time or finish it the following day depending on my speed.
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  laurenrivers LaurenRivers
  Posted: a week ago
Thanks for the watch :)

  matthewbrandon matthewbrandon
  Posted: 2 weeks ago
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20836623/ hope you like the story :)

  wasdwasd12 wasdwasd12
  Posted: 17 days ago
We're almost ready to send you the money for the commission don't worry it will be sent today hopefully just send me a private message with your PayPal again

  psykrow Psykrow
  Posted: 18 days ago
i think ive asked you this before but here goes, just how BAD can BAD Roxi be? >u>

  jiyako jiyako
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
just wanted to drop by and say i love your art and stuff! roxy is adorable~

  zicnoracel zicnoracel
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch ^w^

I can't help but get the feeling we've met before ><

  wasdwasd12 wasdwasd12
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
Thank you I was thinking of us using like a Real Life background and you drawing over that to help with the picture so their not much to do please PM me and i give you everyones ref so you can look over them

  wasdwasd12 wasdwasd12
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
hey umm we agreed to send you all the money from my paypal around friday is that okay with you?

  rickeyracoon123 rickeyracoon123
  Posted: 3 weeks ago

  rickeyracoon123 rickeyracoon123
  Posted: 3 weeks ago
Thank you for inspiring me

This pic is a collab from me and lord_friez  lord_friez

Thank you roxikat!

  wasdwasd12 wasdwasd12
  Posted: a month ago
Hey could you private message me I'm looking for an artist for a single commission with 3 characters in it if you have time

  r.josta R.Josta
  Posted: a month ago
Holy hell, noticed your account by chance. Haven't seen Roxikat in years. This brings back memories.